Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dreadsteeds, Warlocks and us

So this is my Dreadsteed!! and I also may introduce my husband! I know I haven't talked about him so far, but I was waiting for the right momment, and this is a great one! We're 2 warlocks with the Dreadsteed having a nice time in Shatthrath.

We're both 67 :D



Ahh it's been so long since the last time I wrote here. But here I am again with a lot of great things I've done in the past weeks.

One thing (and most important) I finally got my new mount! YAY!! With the help of some great friends we made it into Dire Maul and defeated the Dreadstead after a great and hard fight!
It was a really nice night!
This is the place where the fight took place. I had to keep a candle a bell and I don't know how to call it (this round thing in the front) keep working to complete the ritual.

After all the fight with demons and imps comming out every 20 seconds I summoned the Dreadsteed, and this is after we defeated it, the moment it started to be mine!!! yes!!! lol

It's such a great mount! I love it! very elegant and dark!! It took me a while to get to this point but I'm very happy with the results. I had to go to a lot of places, got a lot of materials, etc, etc.
After this, well, now I'm 67 and have changed Nagrand to Blade Edge Mountains and now I'm in Netherstorm! I love this place, is just amazing!

Here are some pics taken in BEM. The place is ok, I like those needles.Next post, Netherstorm and Xmas Festival!!

gtg back to bussines!! xxx

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zangarmarsh and Scholomance

This weekend I've finished in Hellfire Peninsula and moved on to Zangarmarsh! I love this place :D is very beautiful!!! Almost all the place is like blue except a part in brown tones and another in orage hehe more or less like that.
In this place I can get reputation with both the Sporegar and the Cenarion. I like the works in here, as always I have to mobs to slain, but I also have to collect a lot of things like mushrooms and nutrients, etc.
I've improved my mining skill to! and I'm almost lvl 63 yay!! I got a new armor and it's great!! better than the one I use to have b4.
About my Dreadsteed, well, I got all the mats. I needed for the quest before going to the first dungeon. But I still need to go to Dire Maul, so I'll make a new post with all the thigns I have to do to get it.

On Sunday we went to Scholomance! It was a great run!! Our party was awesome! We sure have a nice time! I also completed part of a quest for my Dreadsteed! I also increased my Rep. with the Argent Dawn!

I leave here a few pics from Zangar and Scholo!





Thursday, November 22, 2007

My new armor!! :D

These are my new clothes!! I love them!! I got them in Outland. Hellfire Peninsula is full of works!!And some of them are very annoying! Like those birds I need for the goblin in the zeppeling crash! I haven't finished with one and another one comes even if its far from me!! grrr
And another annoying mobs are those orcs in the South of Hellfire! The warlock ones with the skeletons and the ones riding the wolfs are the worst! they're everywhere around there!!!
Well, in fact Hellfire is not my fave place in Outland...I can't wait to Zangarmarsh :D I love that place. The great thing about Hellfire is the rewards, if got to admit it :) and all the fel iron ore mines! since I went to Outland this week I've got 339 minning! went there with 300 :D its great!

Besides all that, I'm collecting all the items I need to get my new mount! the Dreadteed! I need a lot of expensive things! but I've got very nice and kind friends that are helping me with all these. I hope to get it by the weekend!

I'm going to sleep now, it's a bit late, but I finish for today with this:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Silithus, and ...

I've been very busy this week! I finished Winterspring, Felwood, Western and Eastern Plaguelands (though I haven't finished all the works there).
So the past 2 days I went to a new place: Silithus. Its like a desert more or less. Its quite nice, not the best place I've been imo, but I prefer it instead of both Plaguelands. I don't like those places, the colors there are depresing...all the animals are infected, and it's full of skelletons and weird undead corpses, not my style...
Since one week ago the rewards I get are awesome! so in the past days I've reached lvl 58 and atm I'm 59! and in Hellfire Peninsula again!! I have some new clothes I got as rewards, and a new staff and much more that's waiting for me! Ohh I love the new trousers!! I haven't got a picture of it atm, but when I get all the new armor I'll do it :D

I leave some pics here:

Silithus here:

The Dark Portal in The Blasted Lands (The Portal to Outland from Eastern Kingdoms)

Hellfire Peninsula (and its awesome "sky")

Monday, November 12, 2007

My new friends!

Yesterday my sis went to Netherstorm. An amazing place in outland. From what I saw so far is my fave place! The colors there are amazing!! and the landscape is wonderfull and beautiful! its a magic place I can't wait to go to.
Well besides that, the thing is that she went there to take some great pets! I saw once a friend with an amazing pet and told me it was from Netherstorm. In the beggining I just told her to get me that one, but in the end, she saw a lot more and coulnd't resist to get more! so this is how the trip ends: 80 gold spent and 3 new pets! here are the pics!

This is my Mana Wyrmling! Great isn't it! I fell in love since the first time I saw it! Its so cute!

This is my new Dragonhawk hatchling! well, in fact is my first, cause my sis is the one who has the other three as well, I mean, this is the blue one, but there're also red, gold and silver. The blue one can only be found in Netherstorm.

It was a bit difficult to take this pic, but here is the other new pet! the Red Moth! It looks cool! There're also some other colors, blue, white and yellow, but I can't get into Exodar and buy it from the vendor there, and they're very expensive in the AH. They can be found sometimes in the AH but they're very expensive...but wait, I've just remembered that this red one costs 10 gold....

nn all!! xxx

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hot Springs

I've started working in Winterspring. There's a big mistery about the hot springs there. Even its a cold place, there're some points in which you can find those hot springs I'm talking about. I've been told to look for the reason about them. I've got to travel to the south, and it's not very near..., I also had to kill some furbolgs that are also investigating this. Umm all this looks very interestitng.
I want to find out more!!!
The past 3 days I've been on holiday so there're a lot of things to be done out there waiting for me.
I leave here a couple of pics near one of the hot springs in Winterspring.

lol going back home in this one!

nn all xxx

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Next, Winterspring

My next place to go to is Winterspring, a cold snowy land next to Felwood. There is always winter, everywhere you can find snow and ice lakes :)
The main town is Everlook, and it looks like Gadgetzan (at least for me...) The mobs here are some owls, yetis, banshees, chimeras, bears, etc. I'm sure there're more but I've just been there for a while today, I still have some other works to do so I havent had the time to explore it :)

Here are 2 pics I took while I was there. As you can see the landscape is very beautiful! (the other one is the one b4)

Now changing, about the mines, if a few days ago I couldn't find any, this weekend I've found a few small thorium and mithril! yay!! I've also went to Hammerfal in Arathi Highlands to learn some new first aid things, now I can do heavy runecloth bandages!!I also tryed to cook something but I need more tender wolf I went to Felwood again to get some from the wolves there !

Friday, November 02, 2007

My duty as a Warlock

Well, today haven't done anything, but again I have important things to do about my class, warlock! I need to do a lot of work, so far I've killed trees, and elementals in Felwood, but the difficult part is yet to come...I have to travel to Swamp of Sorrows and go to the Sunken Temple to collect some plumes and don't even remember the 3 places I also have to go and kill big bosses! I think one of the places is The Blasted Lands, but not sure of the other three...ahh I hate travelling fot those big chain warlock quests! Besides that, I've been travelling between Felwood and Un'Goro, trying to find some mines, but it seems its imposible, cause in the past 2 days I haven't found almost any! Just remember 3!
I'll show you a nice pic while flying in Thousand Needles!

Cya all!!!xxx

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Searing Gorge and Un'Goro

I'm done with Searing Gorge. It was my firt time doing some work there. I thought it was a boring place, but its full of dwarfs and it's great! There is a cave in the middle in a place called "The Cauldron", its very very big! The work there is quite easy so I got some fast exp. and some money.So after this, I've gone to Un'Goro, I had to travell a bit far cause Searing Gorge is in the Eastern Kingdoms and Un'Goro Crater is in kalimdor, next to Tanaris. It's a green forest with dinosaurs, walking plants, gorillas, insects,elementals and some ooze. In the middle there's this vulcan with those elementals. The "air looks green" in the rest of the crater, the trees are really tall. The weather is always with that green fog, you can't see the sky, but sometimes it rains.

As you can see in this picture I took while flying, this is the "green air" I've been talking about.
There's also something very typical here, the crystals. There are all around, green, yellow, red and blue. Theres also a cave in Marchall's Refuge with a lot of those crystals. I'll show you a pic!

Well 2 pics in the end! Now I need to go to the Auction House!! My inventory is much more than full!!!!!

bb all!! xxx

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hallow's End's disguises

Well we're still in Hallow's End! yay!! And as I told b4 it's very funny! Every hour we can trick or treat in the Inn so I've received a lot of different rewards such as candys, disguises and mask.
Today I'll show you some of the disguises I've been wearing the past 4 days!

I'm human!!! sexy one! lol but Blood Elves look sexier! lol

The human ninja one is cooler than the pirate I show b4, it's more s sophisticated! This is in Undercity, that pumpkin is really cool!

Yes, this is me too...I dance like an undead male!! the problem with this disguise is that as the fly master "I can't take the taxi with this costume!" and also I can't cast any spells, so it's just to walk around Auction House, go minning, skill up some secondary proffesions and that kind of things.

And if anyone is looking for me, atm I look like this!so I'll be flying 'round in Badlands for a while.

Of course I can take off all this disguises whenever I want, so no problem if I need to do some work out there in this amazing lands!
By the way, I'm working in Searing Gorge atm, I'll talk about it next time! Now it's time for bed!
nn all!xxx

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hallow's End

Today has started Hallow's End!! yay!! Every city and town is decorated for the occasion, pumpkins are all around! apples in cauldrons full of water and much more!
We can trick or treat every hour in the Inn and we receive a small bag with a reward! :D things such as sweets, fancy dresses, magic wands that transforms your party member into something funny, masks, etc.!Here I am in Shattrath. And in this other picture...yes, its me in The Hinterlands, it was a big surprise when I trick or treat with the ogre inkeeper and sudenly I became a snake!

Its very funny indeed as you can see! :)

bb all

Monday, October 15, 2007

Booty Bay, Grom'Gol and Stranglethorn Vale

This is one of my favourites places in Azeroth (if not my favourite! I love it!). Its Stranglethorn Vale, such a great place, funny, beautiful and full of beast, trolls and pirates, and murlocs!
Its main city is Booty Bay, a wonderful little town by the sea with all the houses made of wood and goblins all round!
Here I am waiting for the boat to Ratchet! I was joking with this gobling meanwhile :D

There is another place, a base called Grom'Gol, just for the horde. (Booty bay is for both, Alliance and Horde) We can fly between Grom'Gol and Booty Bay, which is great cause this place is very big!
There's also an arena here, there you can fight with ally or horde! and there's a goblin that leaves a chest in the middle of the arena with rewards! (quite difficult to get by the way, almost always lvl 70 round there)

Here I am near the Gurubashi Arena, with my mount and my new pet from the Brewfest :D
Talking about the Brefest, it ends today! :(
I got some cool rewards, and one of those is a barrel of free beer forever! And this is me very very drunk in Grom'Gol with my you can see, cause I almost couldn't see anything! lol

gtg back to my bussiness in Kalimdor, so cya !!


Today I want to talk about my professions! I'm skinner and minning!
I love skin animals! it's very easy, you just need a skinning knife and beasts! And it sells quite nice in Auction House! My other profession is minning, and a minning pick is needed. Skill it up its slower than skinning, but minerals sell very well and expensive. The mines can be found everywhere but there're more near mountains or hills. You can also find some underwater as I did today in The Hinterlands!

And here you can see me in Feralas minning too with my Voidwalker! :) He's so nice and helps me everywhere I go!. Another day I'll talk about all my minions! That's all for today! nn all!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Another place I like to go is Tanaris. It's a desert but in the east we can find the ocean, and of course pirates.
I love to kill the pirates in Tanaris! They're easy to kill so you can get exp. fast. They also drop a chest that contains random items, and one of those items is a map splited in 3 parts. When you get all 3 it becomes a quest. You need to go all the way down in the coast to south and kill some mobs and then you receive a chest with great rewards! The difficult thing about it is that it's a bit difficul to get all three parts. Atm I haver 3 middle and 2 lower!

Here I am in front of one of the pirates boats. There're some pirates inside and a chest locked that needs a key (drop item) to be opened and it contains nice rewards.

And this is the desert part in Tanaris. Here I am with my warlock mount :D Love it! In this part you can find some beast as basilisk, hienas, birds, scorpions and some humans and ogres.

There are 2 other small different parts in the west, one has those flys and kind-spiders they're also in Feralas and in the south-west kind of oasis with elementals. But I haven't got quest yet to go there.

nn all xxx!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today I'm gonna talk about my sis. She's Ayupan. A 65 shadowpriest. She loves Shadow damage too. At the moment she's on holiday so she only goes to party in Orgrimar at the Brewfest, she wants to get the ram.

Despite she's a priest she doesn't like healing, thinks its a boring cause she loves deal damage with her Mind Blast and Mind Fly.

Ayupan also doesn't like Blattleground, but she managed to get the Red Skelletal Horse with BG marks! She spent 3 days and finally got it! I love that mount too and in Shadow form looks even better!!

As I'm warlock I have free mounts :D and well, they're really cool horses!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I can't wait for the Hairdresser!! lol I'm just kidding :)

I like a lot imagine myself with different hair styles and colors, but as I say "Do you mean I'm stuck with this hair color?" I'll have to wait a bit longer to go to the Hairdresser. I think in a few months we'll have some around! I'm very exited! I don't know how they'd work and how much will I have to pay to change my hairstyle! :D
So far I've had a look at myself with some different hair styles and colors.

I prefer mine...if fave is my sister's. But I'll keep you waiting...I'll post about her another day so you can also see her hair style :)

Bb all!

Monday, October 08, 2007


This is Feralas, a beautiful place wich Horde town is called Camp Mojache. It's a wonderful deep green forest. Endless trees can be found everywhere as well as small lakes, rivers and waterfalls and a beach with a harbour that takes you to Feathermoon Stronghold, the Alliance town in an Island.
I like Feralas because the beautiful landscape. Just have a look at this picture in the left!

The work I need to do here is not very difficult, there are those gnolls around in front of Camp Mojache that are a bit annoying but easy to deal with.
There's also the little fying dragons, they're so beautiful but I hate when they steal my mana!
And the Grimtotem clan (some "bad" Tauren) that Krueg Skullsplitter wants me to bring him some of their horns!
And much more...ogres, kind of spiders and flys but I havent meet them yet...I just know about them because of the storys my sister Ayupan told me when she was here.
I think thats all for today so far! Gtg! My work is waiting to be done! Here is another picture I took today!
Bb all!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brewfest Festival in Azeroth!

These days we're having a great time here in Azeroth. It's the Brewfest Festival! We have beer outside the main cities and some funny games we can play like ride rams, go round orgrimar in a ram, travell to Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon and Undercity, etc.
But to do all this things you need to be drunk! Yes dam drunk with that strong beer! We have all the free beer we want! so the party is even better!!
Here I am filling my mug! As you can see I was a bit drunk too, yay!
And here I'm with some friens outside Silvermoon too :D I had to seat down for a while lol too much party this past 3 days...and it'll continue for the next week too!!!

The best of this is that when we play those games I talked about before we are given some thickets we can change for some stylish hats, clothes and a nice ram! Me and my sister Ayupan are trying to get the ram! We need 600 so lets see what we can do!

BB all! xxx

Sakura Saku

Here is my new idea for this blog.

My name is Sakura Saku and I'm a Blood Elf Warlock from Silvermoon.
Now I'm lvl 41 but it's been a long journey since I started from lvl 1. I'll show the places I've been so far and the places I'll go to raise the cap lvl 70! I've got a sister called Ayupan, she's a Shadow Priest 65. At the moment we both live in Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest (Outland) but we're always travelling around Azeroth and Outland.
I'm the one in the picture!

cya soon!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nuevo rumbo del blog!

Como no se que escribir nunca, se me ocurrion una cosa que me divertiría hacer en un blog. Próximamente actualizaré con la idea que ronda ahora mismo por mi cabeza :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Studying Japanese

Desde que decidí estudiar japones hasta hoy han pasado unos 4 años, sin embargo, la carrera y demás no me permitieron llevarlo todo al día como yo quería.
Por eso cada vez que retomaba el libro volvía a repasar lo que ya había estudiado. Al menos lo que no se me olvida son los alfabetos!
Ahora que ya terminé y me toca trabajar, el tiempo libre que pueda tener se irá en parte dedicado a coger los libros que tengo por casa y ponerme en serio. Espero que cuando pueda ir unos días de vacaciones hable medianamente y pueda entenderme algo.
Al menos tengo algo adelantado y es que de escuchar tantas canciones y ver tantos videos y anime entiendo casi perfectamente todas las palabras...pero el 90% no se que significa!! lol

Mirando a lo lejos en el horizonte se encuentra ese lugar de ensueño que poco a poco puede ir acercándose hasta hacerse realidad.