Sunday, November 04, 2007

Next, Winterspring

My next place to go to is Winterspring, a cold snowy land next to Felwood. There is always winter, everywhere you can find snow and ice lakes :)
The main town is Everlook, and it looks like Gadgetzan (at least for me...) The mobs here are some owls, yetis, banshees, chimeras, bears, etc. I'm sure there're more but I've just been there for a while today, I still have some other works to do so I havent had the time to explore it :)

Here are 2 pics I took while I was there. As you can see the landscape is very beautiful! (the other one is the one b4)

Now changing, about the mines, if a few days ago I couldn't find any, this weekend I've found a few small thorium and mithril! yay!! I've also went to Hammerfal in Arathi Highlands to learn some new first aid things, now I can do heavy runecloth bandages!!I also tryed to cook something but I need more tender wolf I went to Felwood again to get some from the wolves there !

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  1. I thought it was really boring there.

    I haven't been playing much but we downed Attumen in Karazhan last week!