Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Silithus, and ...

I've been very busy this week! I finished Winterspring, Felwood, Western and Eastern Plaguelands (though I haven't finished all the works there).
So the past 2 days I went to a new place: Silithus. Its like a desert more or less. Its quite nice, not the best place I've been imo, but I prefer it instead of both Plaguelands. I don't like those places, the colors there are depresing...all the animals are infected, and it's full of skelletons and weird undead corpses, not my style...
Since one week ago the rewards I get are awesome! so in the past days I've reached lvl 58 and atm I'm 59! and in Hellfire Peninsula again!! I have some new clothes I got as rewards, and a new staff and much more that's waiting for me! Ohh I love the new trousers!! I haven't got a picture of it atm, but when I get all the new armor I'll do it :D

I leave some pics here:

Silithus here:

The Dark Portal in The Blasted Lands (The Portal to Outland from Eastern Kingdoms)

Hellfire Peninsula (and its awesome "sky")

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