Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've moved the Blog

I've started to post only in my wordpress blog, you can check it here:

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

KIKO Cosmetics

Yesterday I went to a KIKO Cosmetics shop. They sell many Beauty related things as you can see on their website. Prices are really good. I didn't have much time to spend at the shop so I couldn't try as many stuff as I'd liked, so I'll try to go again soon.
I got several eye shadows, a blending brush and eye-lips make up remover (which work absolutely amazing for me)
Below you can see the eyeshadow swatches and a few pics of them.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Sugarpill/Shiro/Lost In Makeupland/Fyrinnae

Today I did several looks. First this Fyrinnae Cupcake Sprinkles+ Lost In Makeupland highliter
It was the first time I used Cupcake Sprinkles, and I love it! looks so different depending on the light and the angle you look at it.

Now using Sugarpill: Tiara, Birthday Girl and Lumi

I'm also using Lost In Makeupland finishing powder for dry skin

And this green look is using Shiro Cosmetics Link , Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill , Lost In Makeupland Snow and Glow and LIM finishing powder for dry skin.

Now I have 1 eye pink/silver and the other one green. I love doing this and then taking pics of the results :D Normally I never go out with 2 different eye looks haha but when I want to try stuff at home I love it!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

New hair (back to blue!) and Royal Sugar

After a few months away from my beloved Special Effects Blue dyes (a mix of all of them XD ) I decided to use them again!
The thing is, lovely Belén, owner of Lost In Makeupland, told me about some L'oreal product called Platinum that bleaches your hair but without damaging it. doesn't leave your hair yellow! (which is one of my problems when I bleached it before)
I then decided to get a new SFX dye, Sonic Green. And this time I would have my hair bleached properly :D
What happened....I ordered the dye and the product separately cause they didn't sell at the same place. Dyes come from UK, L'oreal product from, deco arrived yesterday....
I couldn't resist to try it in a little part of my hair....and after I saw the result I thought: maaaaaaaaan I can't wait for the sonic green, I'll use SFX blues diluted and I'll do that other one later haha

So here are the results:

Before: (blue->bleached->copper red hair ->deep purple ->blue mayhem+blue haired freak)
After: L'oreal platinum deco (ammonia free) + 30vol special for platinum deco (around 40 minutes). Best deco I've ever tried.

After that: Blue velvet + Blue mayhem diluted with 2 big spoons of conditioner (1h30min).

And using Sugarpill Royal Sugar, which is amazing and I love it and it goes amazing with my hair and my glasses hahaha

I also used Lost In Makeupland Faerie hightlighter and finishing powder for dry skin
It's my fave finishing powder.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Random Pics

The other day I went to do my nails with some permanent nail polish. It was so hard to decide the colours, so I asked for a combination of the 2 colours I liked the most :D
Btw that dress is super old, but didn't thought of it when doing my nails! I realised later on that the colours where almost the same!

I love that ring, you can't tell in the picture but it shines so pretty!

Last weekend was local holiday here and there was this candy stop that had cotton candy!! I couldn't resist to get some. I LOVE it!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Some new EOTD

I can't remember las time I posted, but I had some pictures of EOTD in my HDD waiting to be uploaded.

For this one I've used Sugapill Magentric, Goldilux and Lost In Makeupland Snow and Glow.

I applide Goldilux on top of Snow and Magentric and it looks really pretty. It gives it a little golden effect.

Now Sugarpill again using Starling and Lost in Makeupland's Glow as highlighter.

More Sugarpill, this time using Burning Heart palette and Tako.

And this one is using Lost In Makeupland's Bioshock, Lazy Sunday and Glow

Ayumi Hamasaki FOTD Challenge – Look #2: GAME

Here is the second look inspired on Ayumi Hamasaki's songs. This time is GAME's turn.

Anna, from is also doing this FOTD Challenge . She also has a giveaway right now going on with so cute products!

For this look I used Sugarpill Cosmetics: Magpie, Tiara and Lumi

Shiseido liquid black eyeliner

Avon black mascara

Shiseido Dual Balancinf foundation

Lost In Makeupland finishing powders (comming soon)

Here are the pics:

Sugarpill Weekender and Paperdoll

I really don't know how to keep a blog with long writing posts. But it seems uploading EOTD pics works and I like to share them:)

Yesterday's look was using Weekender (I saw a pic of Anna using it and it looked sooo good I wanted to play with my Weekender hehe) and Paperdoll, one of my fave colours of Sugarpill!

I also have to say I was using finishing powders from Lost in Makeupland! lovely Belen sent me to test some finishing powders for Normal to Dry skin. And I really LOVE it!! I'll soon test it as primer!

Here are the pics!

New look using Lost In Makeupland

Here are a couple of pics using Lazy Sunday and Snow from lovely Lost in Makeupland! I really love these 2 colours. they look lovely. The name Lazy Sunday is so cool because I actually, this morning I felt a bit lazy lol And this colour just fits perfect with the mood!

Lost In Makeupland

Today I received my first order from Lost In Makeupland!!! I really love everything! The colours are really pretty and they blend very well.

Belén, the owner of Lost In Makeupland is really nice and she did a great work creating those lovely colours!

I ordered a lot of colours so I'll be uploading pics of different looks. Today I couldn't resist to do 2 looks.

For this look I've used Seven Nation Army, Guns and Roses, Glow and Psychedelic Mushroom

And for this look I've used Sugar-Coated, Party, Smurf and Snow

Ayumi Hamasaki FOTD Challenge - Look #1: End roll

Here is the first of the FOTD series Anna and me are doing. This 1st challenge is inspired by End roll. I love that song! specially when Ayu sings it live! It's so emotional.

Since the beginning I saw clear that for this look I would use silver, white and glitter.

Even I'm happy with the results, I wish I had a better camera to picture the effects of the glitter! I even added it to my lashes but it can't be seen on the pictures.

For this look I used Sugarpill Tiara and Lumi. They're very different colours but "thanks" to my camera they look almost the same. I also used some silver glitter and white/light purple glitter. but you won't see the details.

Lashes: I use an Avon black mascara.

Face: Shiseido dual balancing foundation (got it last week and I LOVE it) and Kryolan anti-shine I got from Shrinkle's ebay shop

Lips: Dior gloss. It's a lime glittery gloss. I love it and I have it since 2005. I think it was limited ed. I got it with another in blue.

There will be 9 more looks inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki's songs. I still don't know the next one, so it will be a surprise :)

SUGARPILL: My fave 2010 makeup brand

After almost 1 year using Amy's (Shrinkle) Sugarpill, I can say, that it's my number 1 makeup company.

Amy has created the most pigmented eye shadows I've ever used and the most beautiful colours. They're so unique and special that I'm so in love with them. I use Sugarpill almost every day. The colours blend awesome and last all day on my eyes.

I don't have only 1 fave loose or pressed eyeshadow, it's too hard to choose just one. I own everything except Asylum (I hopet o get it too) and Magentric and Stella are on it's way, I ordered them last this week.
There's one colour for every mood and every clothing combination I use. Royal Sugar is so cool cause its almost the same colour as my hair and my glasses haha.

About the packaging, I'm also addicted to it! I keep all the eyeshadows and paletes on their boxes haha. And about the stickers and cards its the same! I have Sugarpill stickers everywhere in my house lol. And I love the promo pictures. They're really beauty and hypnotic!

Also I have to say that Amy is an awesome person. She has answer every question I had and she's always been so nice to me! I like the way she works and tries her best to offer the best products. She's also a very funny and inspiring person. You can check that in her Shrinkle blog.

Below some pics of Sugarpill looks!

Using Absinthe and Tipsy

Using Starling and Goldilux (best gold ever):

Using Royal Sugar and Tiara:

Using Magpie and Hysteric:

And here you can check my other post about Sugarpill, there are swatches, looks and pics of the products :)

Hope everyone enjoys Sugarpill too!!