Thursday, July 07, 2011

New hair (back to blue!) and Royal Sugar

After a few months away from my beloved Special Effects Blue dyes (a mix of all of them XD ) I decided to use them again!
The thing is, lovely Belén, owner of Lost In Makeupland, told me about some L'oreal product called Platinum that bleaches your hair but without damaging it. doesn't leave your hair yellow! (which is one of my problems when I bleached it before)
I then decided to get a new SFX dye, Sonic Green. And this time I would have my hair bleached properly :D
What happened....I ordered the dye and the product separately cause they didn't sell at the same place. Dyes come from UK, L'oreal product from, deco arrived yesterday....
I couldn't resist to try it in a little part of my hair....and after I saw the result I thought: maaaaaaaaan I can't wait for the sonic green, I'll use SFX blues diluted and I'll do that other one later haha

So here are the results:

Before: (blue->bleached->copper red hair ->deep purple ->blue mayhem+blue haired freak)
After: L'oreal platinum deco (ammonia free) + 30vol special for platinum deco (around 40 minutes). Best deco I've ever tried.

After that: Blue velvet + Blue mayhem diluted with 2 big spoons of conditioner (1h30min).

And using Sugarpill Royal Sugar, which is amazing and I love it and it goes amazing with my hair and my glasses hahaha

I also used Lost In Makeupland Faerie hightlighter and finishing powder for dry skin
It's my fave finishing powder.


  1. Love the new blue :D Also do you have a tat!?

  2. Thanks! ^^
    No, I have 7 lol and I want more :):) they're quite small so far

  3. Your hair is absolutely stunning! Love the pics of your royal sugar look too. I own it but have yet to use it - you have inspired me to experiment with it later :)

  4. Thank you very much Jessie! I'm happy you want to experiment with Royal Sugar :):) I love it!