Sunday, July 03, 2011

Some new EOTD

I can't remember las time I posted, but I had some pictures of EOTD in my HDD waiting to be uploaded.

For this one I've used Sugapill Magentric, Goldilux and Lost In Makeupland Snow and Glow.

I applide Goldilux on top of Snow and Magentric and it looks really pretty. It gives it a little golden effect.

Now Sugarpill again using Starling and Lost in Makeupland's Glow as highlighter.

More Sugarpill, this time using Burning Heart palette and Tako.

And this one is using Lost In Makeupland's Bioshock, Lazy Sunday and Glow


  1. IT looks great! I love the colors you used.

  2. You didn't tell me you had a new blog :o OMG love all the blending perfection, especially the one with Magentric, I can't seem to pull it off properly!

  3. @Tamara, thank you very much:) Sugarpill and Lost In Makeupland have lovely colours.

    @Anna, tbh I have this blog sin 2007 I think...but I got the domain for the wordpress one, now I want to change it to blogger and yesterday I spent the afternoon customizing it a bit:) I should create a background pic, but I'll take my time XD
    WOW thank you! I'm blending addict I've tried many brushes and ways to blend and it seems now I've found a good combination :D
    You should try Magentric and Goldilux together! U'll look awesome:)