Sunday, July 03, 2011

SUGARPILL: My fave 2010 makeup brand

After almost 1 year using Amy's (Shrinkle) Sugarpill, I can say, that it's my number 1 makeup company.

Amy has created the most pigmented eye shadows I've ever used and the most beautiful colours. They're so unique and special that I'm so in love with them. I use Sugarpill almost every day. The colours blend awesome and last all day on my eyes.

I don't have only 1 fave loose or pressed eyeshadow, it's too hard to choose just one. I own everything except Asylum (I hopet o get it too) and Magentric and Stella are on it's way, I ordered them last this week.
There's one colour for every mood and every clothing combination I use. Royal Sugar is so cool cause its almost the same colour as my hair and my glasses haha.

About the packaging, I'm also addicted to it! I keep all the eyeshadows and paletes on their boxes haha. And about the stickers and cards its the same! I have Sugarpill stickers everywhere in my house lol. And I love the promo pictures. They're really beauty and hypnotic!

Also I have to say that Amy is an awesome person. She has answer every question I had and she's always been so nice to me! I like the way she works and tries her best to offer the best products. She's also a very funny and inspiring person. You can check that in her Shrinkle blog.

Below some pics of Sugarpill looks!

Using Absinthe and Tipsy

Using Starling and Goldilux (best gold ever):

Using Royal Sugar and Tiara:

Using Magpie and Hysteric:

And here you can check my other post about Sugarpill, there are swatches, looks and pics of the products :)

Hope everyone enjoys Sugarpill too!!

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