Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brewfest time! yay!

It's time for Brewfest in World of Warcraft. Festival of the beer where everyone gets drunk in less than 1 minute if you start killing those Dark Iron dwarfs throwing them your tankard! Imo is one of the best and funniest festivals in Azeroth :D Here are some pictures when I was really really drunk! Imposible to walk :D


This one is bad, green vomit is not good!


Here come the Dark Iron Dwarfs! Let's smashed them with tankards!



Now I should go work a lil bit more in getting those brefest tokens to buy great items from that goblin vendor. I want to join the exclusive "Brew of the month" club! and receive every month beers! :D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New jewels :)

I added to my Etsy ($ shop) and Dawanda (€ shop) shops this 3 new jewels made of shiny Swarovsky cristals and Swarovski pearls.

This is a bracelet I made using Swarovski 4mm bicone Lt smoked topaz and smoky quartz. The delica is metal finish copper, which I love how it shines!




These are now 2 different designs using Swarovski pearls (mauve, purple) and celtic style elements. I love the Celtic touch!



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cristina&Dani's Wedding

Last weekend we had another wedding. It was Cristina and Dani's wedding. We spent the weekend at a rural house. We had dinner on Friday and on Saturday it was the big day! We started at 1 pm. at the Monastery and finished at 3 am or so dancing in a local bar.

Every thing was amazing! Best wedding I've ever been :D We had so much fun with all our friends. We ate a lot, something common in all weddings) but dancing for 5 hours was perfect exercise! :D
I took a lot of pictures and videos, but here are the more significant pics!

Viva los novios!!

Cristina and her niece :)

This was the amazing cake entrance! we were all surprised!

Lovely bride!

This next picture is a tradition in some weddings where the bride gives a garter to some single boys :) they have to take off the garter which is on the bride's leg :D It was a very funny moment !

Yukata girl :D

This was girls present :D and I say it was an amazing present to relax the feet and dance like crazy! hehe

kawaii jewellery and nail art (jewels / nails

This was at the end of the night, we were all really tired! we were at the loca bar before going back home.

Lovers of WoW!

Creepy bed (imo) seriously I was shocked when I saw it! def. not my style :D

That's all from the wedding :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Galicia's wedding part 3: the dinner

So here is the last of the 3 posts about Galicia's wedding. The dinner! It was more than a dinner cause with all that food I could live 2 days! I couldn't eat everything, but I tasted everything. My favourite is the melon with that pink sauce and shrimps :D


Notice the LV print style of the cake!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Galicia's wedding part 2, the restaurant

This is the 2nd part of the wedding's posts I went in Galicia. Here are pictures of the "pazo" were we have dinner. Tbh its the most beautiful place where I went to a wedding. See the pics :)


well this next two pictures are about the water of a fountain in the gardens there :DP1070663P1070665

The light was amazing to take pictures!P1070676P1070677





I love this last picture! looks like paradise:DSin título-1

Monday, September 07, 2009

A wedding in Galicia

Around 2 weeks ago I went to a wedding in Galicia.We had a wonderful sunny day! and we ate it in a beautiful "pazo" with awesome gardens! The food was amazing! and for me, that I don't ea

t too much, with the dinner I could have food for 2 days! I have pics of the dinner, the place and me with some jewelry I made for the day! So I'll post it in 3 times!

First, the jewels :D

Sin título-2

I'm in love with the Swarovski jewels I made. The bracelet is amazing! looks so elegant!


It wouldn't be me if I don't have a pic with sunglasses!Sin título-3

Saturday, September 05, 2009

New lovely Swarovski jewels on my Etsy shop!

Here are some new items on my shop :) I've had the idea the other day I really like the results! it's taking pics modeling my pullips! THey look really really cute! They always look so pretty :D


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tattoo re-done

I had this tattoo since 2007 I think. And I wanted to re-do it cause some of the flowers lost ink. I don't use to lose ink in my tattoos but the feet seems it had something to do with it. So I wanted to add some more items around the flowers, and after some days preparing it with my friend, I decided to add color only. Luckily I didn't add more cause it hurted a LOT! I don't remember the first time I did the tattoo it hurted that much! Tbh none of the tattoos I have hurt when I did them.

Well, here are the pics at the end of the session. It took about 2 weeks to fall the scab.


Ring Sizer

Click on image to see full sizering sizer

Having fun at the changing room

The other day we went to Zara to buy a shirt for Anubi. And while he was in the changing room I decided to take some funny pics there. I double mirror where you can see yourself twice :D

I didn't realize but the shop assistant was looking at me with a weird face asking herself "wtf is she doing?" lol. Anubi told me this when we were back home.

This was the shirt, but it didn't suit him, so we went to another shop and bought one with this same color but better for him.


In holding the tie he bought. I love the color :D





Park "La Ferrera" in Aviles

I lived for a long time quite near of this park but I don't remember going there. Well maybe once with school haha. Anyway this time I took some pics and tbh I really like it! It's a great park!