Sunday, March 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago we went to Barcelona's Comobelleza 2010. It is a beauty and hair convention where you can find the" latest trends" (sometimes latest trends in Spain, but not in other countries lol) about those two fields. My mom runs her own beauty-hair salon and she loves to visit it!

This year's latest trend in beauty was deco nails! Everyone was so excited with it! we even saw a nail printer but I forgot to take a picture. To me the deco nails were not a surprise, cause I've know for many years Japanese deco nails (my friend Pinkyanela makes awesome deco nails, visit her etsy shop! )

One of the deco nail systems is this rounded metalic thing. You cover it with nail polish, then you use a stamp and then you stamp it in your nail.

And this is the result:

What I love about this place is the make up artist! I took some pics of them! This is my fave! It's so cool! Look at the Dj's face!

Some more make up:

I love her! Looks awesome!

Very well done!!

This building was outside the convention. I couldn't resist to take pictures and play with them! This red one is the original hotel (yes, it's an hotel! I'd love to see the inside!)

Sky look

I love purple!

Nice-weird effect

This is a bench in the convention, they're very nice. I couldn't resist to take a pic and sit hehe


  1. Ahh! If my nails didn't break all the time, I would SO do that!! What a charming blog! I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  2. Hey Eimi, I've just seen your comment! Thank you for your nice comment:) I'll check your blog now! I'll try to keep mine updatep!
    I got my nails done last week with some permanent nail polish and they look awesome! I have to take some pics and upload them!