Thursday, November 22, 2007

My new armor!! :D

These are my new clothes!! I love them!! I got them in Outland. Hellfire Peninsula is full of works!!And some of them are very annoying! Like those birds I need for the goblin in the zeppeling crash! I haven't finished with one and another one comes even if its far from me!! grrr
And another annoying mobs are those orcs in the South of Hellfire! The warlock ones with the skeletons and the ones riding the wolfs are the worst! they're everywhere around there!!!
Well, in fact Hellfire is not my fave place in Outland...I can't wait to Zangarmarsh :D I love that place. The great thing about Hellfire is the rewards, if got to admit it :) and all the fel iron ore mines! since I went to Outland this week I've got 339 minning! went there with 300 :D its great!

Besides all that, I'm collecting all the items I need to get my new mount! the Dreadteed! I need a lot of expensive things! but I've got very nice and kind friends that are helping me with all these. I hope to get it by the weekend!

I'm going to sleep now, it's a bit late, but I finish for today with this:


  1. OH MY GOD!! you look so sexy with your new clothes, im in outland too. Do you know im a Tauren druid?, You know, a big bull with big, big... ahem, attributes, and i can transform myself in whatever you want...