Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zangarmarsh and Scholomance

This weekend I've finished in Hellfire Peninsula and moved on to Zangarmarsh! I love this place :D is very beautiful!!! Almost all the place is like blue except a part in brown tones and another in orage hehe more or less like that.
In this place I can get reputation with both the Sporegar and the Cenarion. I like the works in here, as always I have to mobs to slain, but I also have to collect a lot of things like mushrooms and nutrients, etc.
I've improved my mining skill to! and I'm almost lvl 63 yay!! I got a new armor and it's great!! better than the one I use to have b4.
About my Dreadsteed, well, I got all the mats. I needed for the quest before going to the first dungeon. But I still need to go to Dire Maul, so I'll make a new post with all the thigns I have to do to get it.

On Sunday we went to Scholomance! It was a great run!! Our party was awesome! We sure have a nice time! I also completed part of a quest for my Dreadsteed! I also increased my Rep. with the Argent Dawn!

I leave here a few pics from Zangar and Scholo!





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