Friday, November 02, 2007

My duty as a Warlock

Well, today haven't done anything, but again I have important things to do about my class, warlock! I need to do a lot of work, so far I've killed trees, and elementals in Felwood, but the difficult part is yet to come...I have to travel to Swamp of Sorrows and go to the Sunken Temple to collect some plumes and don't even remember the 3 places I also have to go and kill big bosses! I think one of the places is The Blasted Lands, but not sure of the other three...ahh I hate travelling fot those big chain warlock quests! Besides that, I've been travelling between Felwood and Un'Goro, trying to find some mines, but it seems its imposible, cause in the past 2 days I haven't found almost any! Just remember 3!
I'll show you a nice pic while flying in Thousand Needles!

Cya all!!!xxx

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