Monday, November 12, 2007

My new friends!

Yesterday my sis went to Netherstorm. An amazing place in outland. From what I saw so far is my fave place! The colors there are amazing!! and the landscape is wonderfull and beautiful! its a magic place I can't wait to go to.
Well besides that, the thing is that she went there to take some great pets! I saw once a friend with an amazing pet and told me it was from Netherstorm. In the beggining I just told her to get me that one, but in the end, she saw a lot more and coulnd't resist to get more! so this is how the trip ends: 80 gold spent and 3 new pets! here are the pics!

This is my Mana Wyrmling! Great isn't it! I fell in love since the first time I saw it! Its so cute!

This is my new Dragonhawk hatchling! well, in fact is my first, cause my sis is the one who has the other three as well, I mean, this is the blue one, but there're also red, gold and silver. The blue one can only be found in Netherstorm.

It was a bit difficult to take this pic, but here is the other new pet! the Red Moth! It looks cool! There're also some other colors, blue, white and yellow, but I can't get into Exodar and buy it from the vendor there, and they're very expensive in the AH. They can be found sometimes in the AH but they're very expensive...but wait, I've just remembered that this red one costs 10 gold....

nn all!! xxx

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  1. Anonymous6:44 am

    hey i have a dragon hawkc hatchinler but i dont know how use it or for what it cant woks cant u help me pleas