Monday, October 15, 2007


Today I want to talk about my professions! I'm skinner and minning!
I love skin animals! it's very easy, you just need a skinning knife and beasts! And it sells quite nice in Auction House! My other profession is minning, and a minning pick is needed. Skill it up its slower than skinning, but minerals sell very well and expensive. The mines can be found everywhere but there're more near mountains or hills. You can also find some underwater as I did today in The Hinterlands!

And here you can see me in Feralas minning too with my Voidwalker! :) He's so nice and helps me everywhere I go!. Another day I'll talk about all my minions! That's all for today! nn all!

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  1. jeje asias por seguir pasando por mi blog, mi trabajo era joyero, salio nuevo en la expansión y la verdad que no era nada fácil sacarlo adelante, los ingredientes eran sumamente difíciles de apañar, pero bueno luego las recompensas valían la pena, un saludoo saku