Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hallow's End

Today has started Hallow's End!! yay!! Every city and town is decorated for the occasion, pumpkins are all around! apples in cauldrons full of water and much more!
We can trick or treat every hour in the Inn and we receive a small bag with a reward! :D things such as sweets, fancy dresses, magic wands that transforms your party member into something funny, masks, etc.!Here I am in Shattrath. And in this other picture...yes, its me in The Hinterlands, it was a big surprise when I trick or treat with the ogre inkeeper and sudenly I became a snake!

Its very funny indeed as you can see! :)

bb all


  1. Ah!! Hallows end! a very nice festival, be careful because you will never know my disguise and i can trick or treat from behind...

  2. Como se curran estos de blizzard los decorados cuando llega una fecha señalada, ahora repartirán caretas y de todo...joder creo que voy a volver a jugar al wow