Monday, October 08, 2007


This is Feralas, a beautiful place wich Horde town is called Camp Mojache. It's a wonderful deep green forest. Endless trees can be found everywhere as well as small lakes, rivers and waterfalls and a beach with a harbour that takes you to Feathermoon Stronghold, the Alliance town in an Island.
I like Feralas because the beautiful landscape. Just have a look at this picture in the left!

The work I need to do here is not very difficult, there are those gnolls around in front of Camp Mojache that are a bit annoying but easy to deal with.
There's also the little fying dragons, they're so beautiful but I hate when they steal my mana!
And the Grimtotem clan (some "bad" Tauren) that Krueg Skullsplitter wants me to bring him some of their horns!
And much more...ogres, kind of spiders and flys but I havent meet them yet...I just know about them because of the storys my sister Ayupan told me when she was here.
I think thats all for today so far! Gtg! My work is waiting to be done! Here is another picture I took today!
Bb all!

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