Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brewfest Festival in Azeroth!

These days we're having a great time here in Azeroth. It's the Brewfest Festival! We have beer outside the main cities and some funny games we can play like ride rams, go round orgrimar in a ram, travell to Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon and Undercity, etc.
But to do all this things you need to be drunk! Yes dam drunk with that strong beer! We have all the free beer we want! so the party is even better!!
Here I am filling my mug! As you can see I was a bit drunk too, yay!
And here I'm with some friens outside Silvermoon too :D I had to seat down for a while lol too much party this past 3 days...and it'll continue for the next week too!!!

The best of this is that when we play those games I talked about before we are given some thickets we can change for some stylish hats, clothes and a nice ram! Me and my sister Ayupan are trying to get the ram! We need 600 so lets see what we can do!

BB all! xxx

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  1. Tengo uno también:

    No he hecho mucho con el Brewfest aparte de ir por allí en una cabra o algo... pero he estado en el Brewfest de verdad en Alemania!!!