Monday, October 15, 2007

Booty Bay, Grom'Gol and Stranglethorn Vale

This is one of my favourites places in Azeroth (if not my favourite! I love it!). Its Stranglethorn Vale, such a great place, funny, beautiful and full of beast, trolls and pirates, and murlocs!
Its main city is Booty Bay, a wonderful little town by the sea with all the houses made of wood and goblins all round!
Here I am waiting for the boat to Ratchet! I was joking with this gobling meanwhile :D

There is another place, a base called Grom'Gol, just for the horde. (Booty bay is for both, Alliance and Horde) We can fly between Grom'Gol and Booty Bay, which is great cause this place is very big!
There's also an arena here, there you can fight with ally or horde! and there's a goblin that leaves a chest in the middle of the arena with rewards! (quite difficult to get by the way, almost always lvl 70 round there)

Here I am near the Gurubashi Arena, with my mount and my new pet from the Brewfest :D
Talking about the Brefest, it ends today! :(
I got some cool rewards, and one of those is a barrel of free beer forever! And this is me very very drunk in Grom'Gol with my you can see, cause I almost couldn't see anything! lol

gtg back to my bussiness in Kalimdor, so cya !!


  1. booty bay!dios aquí si que me zurrarón de lo lindo, me acuerdo cuando me pegaba con la alianza y los guardías goblings me atacaban,jaja se respira un aire muy especial allí, un saludo y no olvides psar por mi blog