Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hallow's End's disguises

Well we're still in Hallow's End! yay!! And as I told b4 it's very funny! Every hour we can trick or treat in the Inn so I've received a lot of different rewards such as candys, disguises and mask.
Today I'll show you some of the disguises I've been wearing the past 4 days!

I'm human!!! sexy one! lol but Blood Elves look sexier! lol

The human ninja one is cooler than the pirate I show b4, it's more s sophisticated! This is in Undercity, that pumpkin is really cool!

Yes, this is me too...I dance like an undead male!! the problem with this disguise is that as the fly master "I can't take the taxi with this costume!" and also I can't cast any spells, so it's just to walk around Auction House, go minning, skill up some secondary proffesions and that kind of things.

And if anyone is looking for me, atm I look like this!so I'll be flying 'round in Badlands for a while.

Of course I can take off all this disguises whenever I want, so no problem if I need to do some work out there in this amazing lands!
By the way, I'm working in Searing Gorge atm, I'll talk about it next time! Now it's time for bed!
nn all!xxx

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  1. Yo he estado descansando de WoW un rato... era demasiado.

    Hemos empezado Karazhan... vaya desastre!