Friday, October 12, 2007


Another place I like to go is Tanaris. It's a desert but in the east we can find the ocean, and of course pirates.
I love to kill the pirates in Tanaris! They're easy to kill so you can get exp. fast. They also drop a chest that contains random items, and one of those items is a map splited in 3 parts. When you get all 3 it becomes a quest. You need to go all the way down in the coast to south and kill some mobs and then you receive a chest with great rewards! The difficult thing about it is that it's a bit difficul to get all three parts. Atm I haver 3 middle and 2 lower!

Here I am in front of one of the pirates boats. There're some pirates inside and a chest locked that needs a key (drop item) to be opened and it contains nice rewards.

And this is the desert part in Tanaris. Here I am with my warlock mount :D Love it! In this part you can find some beast as basilisk, hienas, birds, scorpions and some humans and ogres.

There are 2 other small different parts in the west, one has those flys and kind-spiders they're also in Feralas and in the south-west kind of oasis with elementals. But I haven't got quest yet to go there.

nn all xxx!


  1. Anubi4:10 pm

    Hi, ive just end with tanaris, mon amour!! hope we will met in future.
    BTW, i like the way you mount on your horse. Cya

  2. We may can arrage for an appointment, what do you think?
    These days I'll be travelling around Hinterlands, but you may want to meet me in the Brewfest and have some beer together.
    About the mount, let me tell ya "I only ride on epic mounts, but let's talk..."
    bb hot!

  3. Joder que recuerdos del wow, hoy mis amigos me han incitado a volver a cojer el juego pero no quiero viciarme de nuevo...vaya paisajes..jeje al menos en tu blog vuelvo a recordar aquellos momentos inolvidable en zul'jin, si algún dia vuelvo no se me olvidará buscarte ;)