Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dreadsteeds, Warlocks and us

So this is my Dreadsteed!! and I also may introduce my husband! I know I haven't talked about him so far, but I was waiting for the right momment, and this is a great one! We're 2 warlocks with the Dreadsteed having a nice time in Shatthrath.

We're both 67 :D



  1. Your what? husband?, no way i should be the only one by your side, nooo leave him and... you now we can make a trio, you, me, and.. thats a male or female horse?

  2. Rebekina!!

    Si es paramos re!
    Tenemos tantos preparativos que hacer y solo queda un mes para marcharnos!! jajajaj

    Como va todo??
    Tendremos que hacer un Japo antes de irnos!!

  3. esa canción a que es bonita?? es la primera que suena!
    qué ideas se te ocurren???