Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tattoo re-done

I had this tattoo since 2007 I think. And I wanted to re-do it cause some of the flowers lost ink. I don't use to lose ink in my tattoos but the feet seems it had something to do with it. So I wanted to add some more items around the flowers, and after some days preparing it with my friend, I decided to add color only. Luckily I didn't add more cause it hurted a LOT! I don't remember the first time I did the tattoo it hurted that much! Tbh none of the tattoos I have hurt when I did them.

Well, here are the pics at the end of the session. It took about 2 weeks to fall the scab.


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  1. Pretty tattoos! You're so brave to go get them, I think I would be too afraid!