Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hair dye process

Yesterday I re-did my purple cause the color was faded and the roots were too big!! in the end I bleached it all again cause before purple I had red and the first time I bleached my hair it didn't result a perfect blonde, I got some orange parts. The problem is when I wash my hair, the blonde parts remain purple and the orange parts fade into fucsia, wich I hate it lol. I like fucsia, and when I was about to buy the purple i saw fucsia and thought "oh thats really pretty! I like it a lot" yeah but now I can't see it mixed with purple lol.

Anyway, the new bleach didnt bleach the orange parts in the picture are the pink parts now)





In this last one the hair looks more blue than purple imo. But I love it! it looks amazing!

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