Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cristina&Dani's Wedding

Last weekend we had another wedding. It was Cristina and Dani's wedding. We spent the weekend at a rural house. We had dinner on Friday and on Saturday it was the big day! We started at 1 pm. at the Monastery and finished at 3 am or so dancing in a local bar.

Every thing was amazing! Best wedding I've ever been :D We had so much fun with all our friends. We ate a lot, something common in all weddings) but dancing for 5 hours was perfect exercise! :D
I took a lot of pictures and videos, but here are the more significant pics!

Viva los novios!!

Cristina and her niece :)

This was the amazing cake entrance! we were all surprised!

Lovely bride!

This next picture is a tradition in some weddings where the bride gives a garter to some single boys :) they have to take off the garter which is on the bride's leg :D It was a very funny moment !

Yukata girl :D

This was girls present :D and I say it was an amazing present to relax the feet and dance like crazy! hehe

kawaii jewellery and nail art (jewels / nails

This was at the end of the night, we were all really tired! we were at the loca bar before going back home.

Lovers of WoW!

Creepy bed (imo) seriously I was shocked when I saw it! def. not my style :D

That's all from the wedding :D

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