Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tokyo Disneysea

Today I'll talk about Tokyo Disneysea! I remember when we were in Japan we wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland, and when we were looking at the website we saw there was another park called Disneysea. We thought we would go to Disneyland only cause it was almost at the end of our trip and we almost ran out of money. And it looked like a little version of Disnayland, with less attractive places.

So we went to Disneyland as planed. We enjoyed so much that we decided it would be good to spend another 10.000 yen going to the Disneysea. For our surprise we enjoyed much more than in Disneyland! everything is so well done! the buildings, the attractions, the scenery, etc. We fell in love with that place:D By the end of the day we were sooo tired too! we repeated some attractions and we only wanted to have a seat on the train! which is pretty difficult sometimes in Japanese trains (except you use shinkansen or travel in non rush hours) .

Here are some pics of Disneysea:D

The parking was empty! its so big!


This is the best attraction of the park (imo) I was so scared before going! but in the end I went twice!! From here where I took the picture we could hear people screaming!





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