Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hallow's end in World of Warcraft

Hallow's End has arrived!! Azeroth is now full of pumpkins and skeletons! We can get lots of candies in every inn, masks with troll, orc, human, night elf, blood elf, etc. faces, halloween costumes like pirate, skeleton, gnome, bat, etc. And there's the Headless Horseman frightening the people who live in the little towns like Brill burning their buildings!

I'm training to help extinguishing the fires! there're a lot of buildings to save!:D


Yay my magic broom and the pumpkin head:D You can get this things killing the Headless Horseman!


Awwww the inkeeper of Dalaran (horde)transformed me into a black cat! it only lasted 15 seconds I think. Sometimes you get other costumes like the skeleton that lastes 1 hour if I'm not wrong.


Xroads! I love this place:D and they decorated the inn very nice!


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