Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chocolate egg

Today I'll show you the chocolate eggs I buy at the supermarket. It's a pack of 3 for 1'25€ I think. They're delicious!!! I can eat 3 in a row! Sometimes they have interesting toys inside, sometimes not lol. But anyway my cat loves them! I put some rize inside to make sound and she runs like mad playing football:D

Now the house has around 20 "plastic eggs" but most of them are under the sofa or the shleves.

This is the chocolate:D I prefer white one!


the plastic egg inside the chocolate:D. Depending on the color of the plastic I know if it's a figure or sometime to assemble. This time is something to assemble:)IMG_7935



This is the result! The name in spanish is "insectocóptero" so I guess in english could be" insectcopter" haha, They always made up weird names.



  1. We have those in the UK, they are called Kindersurprise. I used to buy them almost everyday when I was little and had a whole box of the toys as I used to collect them. The chocolate egg is so yummy and creamy and now you can buy little bars of the stuff :)

  2. In Spain there're the kindersurprise too :D But in the last years other brands appeared and this one is 3 in a box much cheaper:D I sometimes buy Kindersurprise or Hello Kitty.
    I remember when I was little I also collect the toys in a box.