Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dancing in Violet Citadel (Dalaran)

Dalaran! My fave city! It used to be Orgrimmar, but since Dalaran was re-built is my fave :D The buildings are so pretty! its a wonderful place for shopping! There's only one thing I don't like, it's too crowded!

Here I am on top of the Violet Citadel. I love to come up here to contemplate the beauty of the city. This time I decided to dress with sexy plate and dance :D
Blood Elves sexy dance!
I'm thinking I should dance for Arthas....ahh he's so sexy! I wonder if he has a dances like human raze or has another one, :D it would be fun!

I know I know, I should get a new "camera" for my pics! it's just this summer holiday low quality one.

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