Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ayumi Hamasaki and her new single Talkin'2 myself

Ayumi's new single is called Talkin'2 myself. As usual it reached today the first position in the Oricon.
In this new single we can find 2 new songs with both instrumentals and an orchestra version of Fated. The 2 new songs are Talkin'2 myself and Decision. I love them!! They are such great songs with amazing lyrics and perfect rock-ish music! The PV are also good. Not my Ayu's faves PV but I like them a lot. She looks awesome with her new haircut! I love this style, she looks much better than with long hair. I can't stop listen to the songs! Now I'm waiting for the overseas version of the single with the DVD that contains both PVs, It really deserves to be bought!

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